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Our Neighborhood group initially came together with the intention of building neighborhood relationships; creating neighborhood security with alternatives to policing and surveillance; preventing gentrification and displacement; supporting individual families/households in preparing for emergencies; and creating a network of mutual support with immediate neighbors in case of any emergency — fire, earthquake, storm, street violence, etc. We've also done guerrilla gardening, advocated for affordable housing restoration, organized cultural events, and more.

We believe that all ecological and social problems stem from our profit-based economic system as well as the forms of discrimination that support it, and that organizing people into collective action to meet their needs and improve the conditions of their lives is one of the most critical and inspiring ways to build a just, safe and beautiful life for everyone.

Who should participate in the EUJ neighbor group?
Our neighborhood group seeks to cultivate neighborhood-level relationships between people who share our intention and believe left politics and political change is needed and important in our communities. Our group is for people who live in the East Lake Neighborhood, broadly defined as the area on the East Side of Lake Merritt.

Examples of issues our group has discussed and/or worked on in the past include: emergency preparedness, guerrilla gardening, gentrification, and policing. We encourage people to bring new ideas to the group and hope to discuss a range of issues impacting the East Lake area through a shared, left perspective and intention.


Listserve culture:

  • share key progressive neighborhood-related news & actions (refer to key issues in our lefty neighbor statement). can include activities from our organizations relevant to our group's intentions.

  • be sparing, just share the really good ones. 

  • send positive profiles (pictures in small files, stories) of the diversity of our neighborhood.

  • be a mindful contributor to our listserve. step up or step back as needed. 

  • engage in direct communications to work out any funk or specific discussion.

Agree? Email to join the listserv.​

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