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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Beautify your fire and earthquake prep.


1. If it gets smoky outside, do we have wildfire smoke protection masks (N97 or higher)?

2. Do we know how to make DIY air filters & lung support tea?

3. Do we know a local clean-air oasis for taking cover during smoky days? (Your home if windows are sealed, or public places like libraries. Ask Oakland to make these known!

4. What are some collective actions we can take to confront the systems that exacerbate the scale, pace, and intensity of fire season? #NoPGEBailOut — Fight for community controlled renewable energy!

5. Can we participate in healing our relationships to the fire ecology of our bioregion following indigenous knowledge and leadership? Can we reduce the amount of energy we use?


Coping with Smoke & Power Shutoffs

DIY Box Fan Smoke Filter — YouTube Hartz Homestead

9 Natural Detox Tips & Recipes — TruHealth Medicine

News: Local Need for Clean Air Oases — SF Chronicle

*Surviving* Smoke & Power Shutoffs in the East Bay (More Serious Needs)

Via Disability Justice Culture Club

Survival Skillshare —

Have Mutual Aid Needs? —

Have Resources to Share? —

Addressing the Root Causes of Annual California Wildfires

The Karuk Tribe's Cultural Burns: Climate Resilience — US Climate Resilience Toolkit

Donate to Karuk Tribe's Eco-Cultural Revitalization — Humboldt Area Foundation

Replace PG&E with Local, Democratically Controlled Energy — The Nation

California Utility Justice — Local Clean Energy Alliance



1. Where are our gas and water valves and how do we shut them off in an earthquake?

2. Have we prepared our emergency kit and extra water?

Water is Life!

1 Gallon H20 per Person per Day for 3 Days

= 3 Gallons per Person

3. Do we have a wind-up radio to track disaster relief efforts?

4. What is our emergency meet-up spot and communication plan to find loved ones?

5. Have we talked with our neighbors to find out how we can support them or receive support during an emergency?

6. How can we continuously build relationships of mutual care and support so that when disaster comes we are more resilient together?

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